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        Business Information

Manufacturing of Brown Sugar and Selling of salt
Address(Main Office)6-4-15 Miyagi,Urasoe City, Okinawa
Phone+81-(0) 98-877-1135 Fax+81-(0)98-876-4039
Address (Uruma Factory)12-8 Suzaki,Uruna City, Okinawa
Phone+81-(0) 98-921-2506 Fax+81(0) 98-921-2507
Representative Director Kenichi Kakinohana

                                      Uruma Factoryうるま工場
We have added value to a brown sugar that has 380 years of history and we were aiming to develop quality goods and send it to families in all parts of Japan to be use daily.
We take pride in are company to take the responsibility of the Okinawa’s economical growth and aim to provide high quality products.
IN the old day’s they said that wealth comes from faraway across the sea. Our sugar cane also came from the Chinese Continent.

Even now, the sea is a source of minerals that every life on the earth needs for living. Sea salt, bitten, and calcium of corals are the nature’s gift from the Okinawa pure sea water.

Established in February 1989
Changed company name in January 1998
Uruma Factory operation in July 2002
Change of Corporation in June 2004
“ANUGA 2005 World Food Market” exhibition in October 2005

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